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Female Receding hairline Vitamins

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Female Receding hairline Vitamins and how it can benefit you !.

Receding hairline can be an extremely unpleasant, even traumatic experience, especially for women. A beautiful head of hair has been so closely linked to women’s femininity that it’s bound to get women depressed when they start losing hair and their scalp starts becoming visible.

Experts have pointed out that receding hairline of 100 to 150 hairs in a day can be considered normal, but if the rate of hair fall is higher and you have noticed your hair starting to get thinner, then you may need to start thinking about some remedies to preserve your hair.

There are lots of different conditions or causes that could lead to receding hairline. From psychological effects to a lack of proper diet and exercise, lots of things can be the cause of your receding hairline. Before getting into what causes receding hairline and how to prevent it, let’s first look into how hair grows.

The Hair Growth Cycle.

Hair growth is a cycle which continues on and on. Hair is nothing but the composition of compacted cells that grow from specialized follicles along the skin. There are four different stages to hair growth.

  • Active growth
  • Transitional period
  • Resting
  • Returning growth

These four stages almost work like clockwork as hair growth occurs. The last step, the returning growth stage, is the stage when the old hair is pushed out and new ones start growing.

Receding hairline increases when the system isn’t working like clockwork as it’s supposed to. There can be various reasons for abnormality in this system. Illness, stress and nutrient deficiency can all be factors that affect hair growth.

The lack of Vitamins !.

Female Receding hairline Vitamins

Vitamin deficiency has been pointed out as one of the major causes of receding hairline around the globe. In this day and age, the problem only seems to be growing. It’s not that people don’t have the means to eat rich, nutritious food, in fact, that’s never been easier.

However, life today is so busy that people barely have enough time to sit down and have a decent meal at the right time. It’s not uncommon to see people skipping meals, eating on the run, or grabbing the first thing that’s easily available.

Due to their hectic schedule, many people miss out on fruits, vegetables and other foods that are filled with vitamins and other nutrients. When a person starts to have a lack of vitamins in their body, they start to use the stored vitamins inside the body from the non-essential tissues, such as hair.

As a result, hair starts becoming dryer, weaker and gradually leads to receding hairline and eventually hair loss. While most women freak out about their receding hairline, experts argue that the receding hairline might in fact just be a symptom of some sort of vitamin and mineral deficiency.

Here are some of the vitamins whose deficiency can lead to receding hairline in women.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids.

We usually consume limited amounts of fatty acids. However, these fatty acids are extremely useful for us. Omega-3 fatty acids are abundant in cold water fish and plants like flax. Omega 3 fatty acids, including other fatty acids help to keep our body healthy. The NYU Medical Center discovered that deficiency of omega-3 fatty acids can cause sudden receding hairline. So there’s no need to panic; if you experience sudden receding hairline it could just be a symptom of that deficiency.

Female Receding hairline Vitamins

Vitamin B12.

B12 is a part of the B complex vitamins, which consists of multiple vitamins. Researchers believe that B12 is an extremely important ingredient when it comes to hair health. The lack of B12 can cause receding hairline in women. Because vitamin B12 is responsible for activating other vitamins like B6, you will be at even more harm if you are deficient in vitamin B12. With the consultation of your doctor, you might even need to start taking supplements.

Female Receding hairline Vitamins


Biotin is extremely important to maintain healthy hair. It helps to maintain the wetness of the hair and maintain hair strength from the root. Its deficiency causes thinning of the hair and receding hairline.

Biotin Vitamins

Female Receding hairline Vitamins You Need?.

You might be feeling weak, along with your receding hairline problem, and considering the idea of taking vitamin supplements because you heard about some girl who started taking them and her hair started growing back. Well, let me just tell you it’s incredibly risky. Nothing is good when taken too much. Without proper medical consultation, you don’t know the problems you might have, and researchers have reported that vitamin A along with some other ingredients, when present in the body in excess amount, can cause more damage than good.

Visit your doctor and do the necessary vitamin deficiency tests. A blood test, for instance, is used to determine the deficiency of vitamin B12 or D. Instead of doing a random search on the internet, have your doctor prescribe you the pills, tablets or liquids that contain all the necessary vitamins for you.

While you might take all the supplements regularly, you should still pay more attention to your diet. Don’t just grab junk foods every time. Make it a habit to eat fresh vegetables and fruits from time to time. These natural snacks are definitely healthier than the chocolate bars and hot dogs you might be used to.

Other Causes and Prevention.

Eating right isn’t the only thing that can prevent receding hairline. You need to maintain the overall fitness of your physical and mental health. Sleeping right, exercise, and trying relaxation techniques are just a few things that can help you stay in top-notch condition and avoid receding hairline.

Genetics also play a factor in hair health. If your parents had full hair when they were in their 60s, chances are that you are also going to have a strong thick hair even at that age. Of course, it’s no guarantee, and the manner in which you take care of your hair also matters a great deal.

Natural Remedies.

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